Nymfaia through my eyes form Dora Bennahia from Tunisia

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Most of the time we don't appreciate what we have until it's gone, and life now a days is overwhelming to the point that we don't even see things that are directly in front of us. I'm asking you to look through my eyes maybe you will understand the love i carry for her and feel my fear over her. I'm gonna tell you about Dasos Nymfaias, 12km from the center of Komotini. Seeing the verdant lush of oak trees that are towering you from the begining of the forest, hugging you and guiding your way into it's flourishing and delightful landscape is rejuvenating. It's a heavenly place where you can enjoy the prestine rythme of life that we miss and the wondrous scenes of nature allowing us again to reconnect with it.. i have had the pleasure to go there and experience my own rejuvenating days withing it's vast ,spectacularly stunning sights.. No matter how much life keeps you busy no matter how big are your responsibilities try to steal time for your own good and run away, breath fresh air, laugh and be happy, get on top of that mountain and scream don't spend your life waiting for something better to come. Enjoy everything surrounding you.because, Even a sunset , can change the way you see the world #Visit_Komotini Image removed.Image removed.Image removed.